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Missing Captions

Captions for selection of images that can go anywhere (file name starts with an A)

Double-page frontispiece to the volume containing the 6th sura from Qur’an, Ahmed Karahisari, c. 1550. Istanbul, Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, inv. 1443

Signed by Deris Ali (d. 1673)
Dated 1077/1666
27 x 33.5cm in sülüs script
Ink on paper

<A_kitas 161>
Two kit’as
Copied by Yedikuleli Seyyid Abdullah Efendi
123.5 x 21cm and 12.8 x 19.8cm, in sülüs and nesih script
Ink, colours and gold on paper


Design competition

Thanks to Tress for the word on this design competition for light pole banners for the North Tabor neighborhood. If you have the time, it sounds like fun!

Here’s the link:

Exhibit Catalogs on GimmeBar